Got a finished novel, but don’t know where to go from here?

If you have written a book in English, French or Norwegian, then it might be eligible for getting published here at Editions NAKUONA Forlag.

Feel free to send us a one-page description of the book, plus a few chapters so we can gauge your writing ability.

Paperback and Ebook

We will take your word document and format it so it looks good when printed as a paperback, as well as creating a properly formatted epub file for ebook distribution.

Cover Design

Once the manuscript is fixed, we will design a fitting book cover – with your input, surely. First, you describe what kind of cover you want. Based on your ideas, we will send you stock photos or illustrative sketches that we believe might work. When you are happy with these, we will create both the paperback and ebook cover.

Paperback and Ebook Distribution

We will make the paperback available through our website, as well as through an online printing service where you can buy author copies to sell on conventions, etc.

Your ebook will be published on various large online retailers – among others, Smashwords, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Scribd, etc.

Reader Promotion

Your book will be promoted to our readers through our newsletter and social media, letting them know it is available.

Author Podcast

You might get a spot on our podcast to talk about your book and yourself as well.

Doing Your Part

Please know that we are a small publisher, and as such our most important role is the technical part of bringing your book from a mere word document to a finished product that can be sold. Although we will promote it in our small way, it is nevertheless your job as an author to advertise it and drive the sales.


Send us a description of your book and a few chapters, plus a little information about yourself.