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Welcome to How To Do Whatever!

This is a site where we gather all sorts of information from around the web on how to do literally whatever. We will update it with one more new “how to” either until we die or we’ve covered how to do everything in Existence – everything from building a computer, performing correct sit-ups, drawing Donald Duck, meditating, or changing a car tire. There are no limits. And even if a subject has been covered once it surely doesn’t mean it’s “done”. New information will pop up on subjects already covered in order to bring you more diversity on each and every topic. This site will just grow and grow and grow for ever.

In each and every post we will try to bring you both information about the subject that is free, like youtube videos, articles from blogs around the web, or whatever and wherever else, and also bring you links to information that is not free, like books, DVDs and training courses.

Furthermore, if there is any specific subject you would like us to gather how-to information about and add to the site, feel absolutely free to let us know! Any tips, ideas and suggestions are always more than welcome.

So, welcome to How To Do Whatever, have a great day and enjoy your life!

Flower Stretching Toward the Sun