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How To Use Jumper Cables On A Car

Today’s topic is something most of us at one time or another will need to know how to do, namely how to use jumper cables for our car if for some reason our battery is dead.

The first thing you will need is the cables:


When using these kinds of cables, you’ll need to have access to another car in order to charge your battery. But there’s also possible to charge without another car, in which case you will need a portable battery charger, which might look like this:

battery charger

However, in this post we will only look at the first option.



Here’s a short and easy written tutorial found at goodhousekeeping.com




Here’s a great, detailed video by EricTheCarGuy on how to use jumper cables. Enjoy!


Book recommendation:

We didn’t find a book dealing solely with how to use jumper cables, probably because it isn’t really that big of a deal that anyone would actually be capable of writing an entire book on such a small subject. However, we were able to localize a nice little guide dealing with a multitude of subjects related to – yes, you guessed it – car stuff. It’s called The Ride GuideWhat You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You! and we believe it is a good choice. Check it:

ride guide

How To Set Up A WordPress Website

Since we ourselves are working on setting up this site at the moment, then what better first How To post than one gathering information about just that?


Here’s a great site, siteground.com, that includes both written WordPress tutorials, and also videos for newbies:

siteground pic



The next on the list is a near perfect youtube video tutorial by Tyler MooreIt’s an hour long and covers all the basics in very clear-cut step-by-steps, from registering hosting on Hostgator, installing WordPress on it and setting up the entire site:

In case you have a Godaddy deluxe hosting plan and want to set up a second domain and install WordPress on it, here’s a quick and easy tutorial by Ben Ormstad:

If you have bought a domain from Godaddy and want to set it up on Hostgator’s hosting, and install wordpress on it, then this video might work for you:


Book recommendations:

At last, here’s a couple of book recommendations from Amazon you might want to check out for further information on how to master WordPress. Simply click the picture and be teleported to the book.

This first one, WordPress For Beginners, is intended for WordPress.ORG users, so keep that in mind before getting it:

wordpress for beginners

The next book recommendation is, WordPress All-in-One For Dummies, which is a pretty powerful book if you already have some basic knowledge about WordPress, as it is a somewhat technical perspective taken.

wordpress for dummies

And with that we wish you all happy wordpressing!

Welcome to How To Do Whatever!

This is a site where we gather all sorts of information from around the web on how to do literally whatever. We will update it with one more new “how to” either until we die or we’ve covered how to do everything in Existence – everything from building a computer, performing correct sit-ups, drawing Donald Duck, meditating, or changing a car tire. There are no limits. And even if a subject has been covered once it surely doesn’t mean it’s “done”. New information will pop up on subjects already covered in order to bring you more diversity on each and every topic. This site will just grow and grow and grow for ever.

In each and every post we will try to bring you both information about the subject that is free, like youtube videos, articles from blogs around the web, or whatever and wherever else, and also bring you links to information that is not free, like books, DVDs and training courses.

Furthermore, if there is any specific subject you would like us to gather how-to information about and add to the site, feel absolutely free to let us know! Any tips, ideas and suggestions are always more than welcome.

So, welcome to How To Do Whatever, have a great day and enjoy your life!

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