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How To Make A Santa Costume

Christmas is closing in, and so what’s more fun than to learn how to make a Santa costume? Well, most people would probably prefer to just buy one, but for those of you who like the creative process, we’ve dug up some videos and a couple of articles helping with this endeavor:


The first article comes from www.life123.com, which is a simple little explanation of what’s needed for the costume:

santa 1


The second one goes into more detail in suggesting different fabric types to use etc., and was found at www.jandofabrics.com. A great article:

santa 2



Next up are a few videos that might help you get started, either with ideas as to what possibilities you’ve got, or simply follow them step-by-step.

The first one can be located at Peter Brauer’s youtube channel. This one is relatively easy to create, and a pretty convincing Santa suit:

The next one is a good, detailed step-by-step video aimed at the women of the world who’d like to dress up as a cute Mrs. Santa. It’s created by TheSorryGirls, and here it is:


The last video, from concreteallstars, will maybe not give a you “professional” looking Santa, but it’s a hilarious video and you’ll get your costume for less than ten bucks.


Costume Recommendations

Now, usually we’d recommend books on the subject in this section, but let’s face it, there’s really no books – at least we couldn’t find any – about the subject of how to create one’s own Santa Claus costume, so instead, here’s a few costume recommendations for those who’d rather just buy a finished suit:

Deluxe Santa Costume, including everything you need:

deluxe 10 piece


Miss Santa Claus, Mother Christmas costume for the ladies:

mother christmas


And a last Santa suit suggestion, Men’s Adult 7 Piece:

mens adult


Have a fun Christmas 🙂