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How To Write a Resume, CV and Cover Letter

Are you in the process of applying for jobs and need a few places to learn how to write a good resume, CV or cover letter? Or perhaps you just need to freshen up your old skills a bit. Well, we’ve taken a look around and found a few sources of information we deem to be good and should get you going.



The first place you might want to have a look at is this page on jobsearch.about.com where they outline the difference between a CV and a resume (as usual, simply click the images to get to the place we’ve picked out):


Next up, check out this article from mycareer.com sharing great information on how to write a “Killer CV”:

killer cv



If you’re just finished your education and have no real work experience, and thus are uncertain how you will be able to stand out in the crowd, the TheRecruitmentGuy has a few good advices for you:

Moving on, AlizaOnline has tips on how to defeat the blank page eyeballing you and just get on with it and write your cover letter, and write it well:


Book recommendations:

We’ve looked through a bunch of different books on the subject and came up with these three:

You’re Hired! CV: How To Write A Brilliant CV

you're hired!

And the Kindle edition ebook The CV Book 2nd edn: Your definitive guide to writing the perfect CV

the cv book

The last one, which is also an ebook, Kindle Edition, How to Write a WINNING Resume… 50 Tips to Reach Your Job Search Target

winning resume