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How To Create a Professional Homemade Board Game

How To Create a Professional Homemade Board Game

Board games can be fun – even for adults. What can be even more fun, if you have the interest and time to spend, is to create your own board game. We’ve traversed the internet for information about how to do something like this. There are a LOT of more or less good information about how to create a homemade board game plus homemade cards for the game etc. out there. Most of these ideas, however, does not end up looking professional. Therefore, we’ve prioritized those few that seems to be offering some of the most professional-looking options for getting one’s own game into this reality:


From the channel HomeMadeGameGuruwe found some videos to be of great help. These are actually so good you’ll probably only need these to get the perfect look and feel of your own board game.

Creating the board itself:

Creating the cards:

This game-guru-dude has even made his own template for a gaming card box, which looks perfect:

Here’s another video on how to create the board for a board game, this time from the channel TheToyCreator:


The pieces for your board game can be bought, among others, at the nice online store gameparts.net:

gameparts logo



This is a perfect and very detailed from-nothing-to-everything guide on how to create your own board game, by Ted Alspach on opinionatedgamers.com. He walks us through the following 11 steps:

  1. The Tools
  2. Setting Up The Files in Illustrator (or other Software)
  3. Printing Components and Rules
  4. Trimming for Double-Sidedness
  5. Apply for Adhesive via Xyron
  6. Stick Sheets from Front to Back of Cardboard
  7. Trim All Long Straight Lines with the Paper Cutter
  8. Cut Out Irregular Pieces with Scissors
  9. Count Items
  10. Bag and Box
  11. Setup for Playing, and Take it for a Test Drive!

Click image to read the tutorial:

suburbia prototype homemade board game



There weren’t really that many books to be found, but at least we found one potentially helpful ebook with the hilariously long and descriptive name of Make Your Own Educational Board Games, Crossword and Word Search Puzzles, Card Games, Toys and More For Free Using the Internet and a Printer!

game book


The Easy Way Out

If you have a great idea for a homemade board game, and you’d really like to play it in a professional-looking package, but really don’t care to actually sit down and create every little thing by yourself, then we were able to find a very, very good source for this. At TheGameCrafter you can utilize their easy tools of designing your game board, cards, the dice, and even the game parts, and they’ll print everything up and send it to you. You can even sell the game on their online store if you’d like.

the game crafter logo


Here’s a video from sboyajian1337 showing what it looks like when getting the package from The Game Crafter. And to be honest, it looks pretty damn smooth:


Now, this should be enough information to keep you busy for a while. Remember to subscribe to How To Do Whatever, and enjoy your life!

How To Care For Rabbits

How To Care For Rabbits

This is a huge subject with tons of information available. There are a lot of good information out there, but also some that should be avoided due to misleading tips. We’ve tried to plow through a bunch of it, and have come up with a few sources to get you started.

Recommended Books

The first thing to know is general information on how to take care of your rabbits, and in that regard, we’ve found some books that might be of interest:

Care for your Rabbit is a very good basic book for first-time owners on rabbit care. Check it:

care for your rabbit


Next one up is a great book, Looking After Rabbits (Pet Guides), aimed at children:

looking after rabbits

Videos and writtens

There are a lot of good videos about rabbits on youtube, covering all aspects of owning a bunny. Here are our current favorites:

Rabbit Housing

On housing, we’ve found a vid from MonkeySee:


Rabbit Diet

The next video is about rabbit diet, which is a very important aspect to have good knowledge about as there are quite a few things they must NOT eat, and there are also much they can eat, but should not eat too much of, and so on and so forth. So here’s a video from Manchester West Veterinary Hospital‘s channel:

In order to supplement this video, we’ve found a few written sources on what’s good food and toxic food for rabbits. An extensive safe food list can be found at riseandshinerabbitry.com:

safe food list rabbits

And to make sure you won’t feed your precious little bunny any toxic food, a good list can be found at rabbitadvocates.org:

toxic rabbit food

Here’s an example on how to create a homemade Rabbit snack dispenser toy from the youtube channel Jesus the Budgerigar:


Cutting / Trimming Rabbit’s Nails

A nice, concise little video from BananaManaTV on trimming your rabbit’s nails:

In this regard we’ve found a couple of products that might be helpful in the clipping process:

Rosewood Soft Protection Salon Grooming Nail Clipper

rosewood soft nail clipper

And to stop bleeding if you cut too deep, the Gimborn Kwik Stop Styptic Powder is perfect:

styptic powder



Good luck and happy bunnying! 🙂

PS: This post will surely be updated with more information later.