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How To Change a Tire

Do you wonder how to change a tire? Now that the winter season has come it might be more important than ever. Do you hire someone to do it, or do you learn how to change them yourself? We bet that when you stand alone on the side of the road one night with a flat tire, you really wish you had learned to do it yourself. This is your chance, learn it right now!


This is a really great step-by-step guide from wikiHow:

How To Shange a Tire


This video shows you how to perform the steps mentioned in the written part:


This top selling book, Auto Repair For Dummies, 2nd Edition, shows you how to take care of your vehicle. It´s written in a fun way with hands-on fix-it instructions, including how to change your tire. This updated version has also coverage of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles.

Auto Repair for Dummies 2nd Edition

How To Use Jumper Cables On A Car

Today’s topic is something most of us at one time or another will need to know how to do, namely how to use jumper cables for our car if for some reason our battery is dead.

The first thing you will need is the cables:


When using these kinds of cables, you’ll need to have access to another car in order to charge your battery. But there’s also possible to charge without another car, in which case you will need a portable battery charger, which might look like this:

battery charger

However, in this post we will only look at the first option.



Here’s a short and easy written tutorial found at goodhousekeeping.com




Here’s a great, detailed video by EricTheCarGuy on how to use jumper cables. Enjoy!


Book recommendation:

We didn’t find a book dealing solely with how to use jumper cables, probably because it isn’t really that big of a deal that anyone would actually be capable of writing an entire book on such a small subject. However, we were able to localize a nice little guide dealing with a multitude of subjects related to – yes, you guessed it – car stuff. It’s called The Ride GuideWhat You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You! and we believe it is a good choice. Check it:

ride guide